Taking A Moment For The Right Brain

The one test of my academic career that stands out most in my mind is one that I took in junior high that was supposed to measure whether or not your personality was more indicative of being left or right brained. The test asked a series of multiple choice questions to which the answers would determine which way your leaned. I scored a 52% right and 48% left. When I took the results to my teacher, she asked that I recount my results as it seemed a little too balanced. My math, however, was correct. This marked the first time I ever bothered to take notice of my personality and the types of activities I enjoy.

Years later, I now work as the IT Director of a small school district. While my job has some definite right brained aspects to it, the majority of what I do resides in the other hemisphere. While I enjoy what I do, it’s fairly demanding on my time and energy and doesn’t allow much opportunity to venture to the right side. I find if I go too long with out some sort of creative release, it begins to affect my focus and productivity. I need that balance of left and right.

So this entry is all about encouraging everyone to take a moment for the right brain.  This evening on the drive home I stopped to get a few night photos of a tunnel I drive through everyday. It felt good to take a moment out of my day for a creative pursuit.  I’ll have it posted to the Flickr account soon… be sure to check it out.

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