Attorney General Or A Body Snatcher?

Last week the Arizona Attorney General came to give a presentation on internet safety and cyber-bullying to the middle school at the district I work for. I brought my camera along to get a few shots of the event and managed to grab this telling moment.

I’m forced to pose the question, Is the Arizona Attorney General actually a body snatcher? Please, watch this video, and see for your self:



The presentation they gave was actually quite good. The first half was about the importance of protecting your identity on sites such as My Space. For demonstration, they set up a fake My Space profile and posed as a new student moving to Globe to see who would bite. One of the Globe High students ended up giving enough information that they found her name, family members names, her home address and how to get to where she lived. It was an eye-opening moment for a lot of the students.

*update* I hope they have a good sense of humor about this 🙂

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