Answering the Burning Question – Why The Runoff?

-SPOILER ALERT- The bottom line is: I need creative outlets and I like to share. I figured I’d give you the ending now in case you didn’t want to read through this whole thing. If you’re up for the journey, however, stick around and perhaps you’ll get to know me a little better as we explore The Runoff.

It started five or six years ago on Bloglines. After encouragement from a friend, I jumped on the blogging wagon and found it was something I enjoyed, even if it was just occasionally. I’ve never been the everyday blogger type. I quickly outgrew Bloglines though and following the natural progression of these types of endeavors, I moved on to WordPress.

Shortly thereafter, I registered my own domain,, and the same friend who brought me into this world, offered to host the site for me. This didn’t last too long though. Due to personal, and life-changing, events, my little corner of the blogging world went on an extended hiatus. I took down the site, and let the domain expire.

Time passed, life became more stable, and the desire to return to the blogging fold began to surface from nether regions of my subconscious where I had buried it in order to focus on more pressing issues. I returned to and re-launched Cerebral Runoff.

Since then, this site has survived through name evolution and hosting solution A.D.D. to become the home it is today. The addition of the podcast has been a particular joy for me as well, as I hope it is to the three confirmed listeners who are not Austin or I.

Are you still with me? I know how interesting history can be, even at an abbreviated pace. The question remains though… Why do this? To what end? Why bother with the effort of content?

I ask myself these questions frequently. It’s not a question of enjoyment; why bother with something that I don’t enjoy. Where, though, does the enjoyment spring from? I’ve already given the answer, in the beginning. I need a creative outlet and I like to share.

Creativity is a big part of who I am. This can be something as simple as enjoying the creative works of others I find on the web or in the community (which leads to the desire to share, by the way) or something I’m or directly involved in, like photography or the podcast.

Over the last four years, I’ve been blessed to have someone in my life who has taught me so many things. One of the biggest life lessons has been the importance of balance and I need creative outlets to keep my life in balance.

Really, I think I’m just looking for that feeling that comes with, “Look, I made this,” or, “Look what someone else did; it’s awesome.” I want to feel like there is something to show for my life, however ultimately insignificant. I’m not content with simply existing day-to-day and this site offers an easy way to bring a little more balance. It also provides a place to share with others. When I find something I enjoy or create something I am happy with, my first inclination is to share it with others, in hopes that it will bring a moment of joy to them as well.

So there it is. This is why The Runoff exists. I hope you enjoy what you find here as much as I enjoy sharing it with you.

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