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Happy Birthday Courdek – Download his album!

I released an underground hip hop album in the summer of 2006 to a small but critical acclaim, and then…nothing. With this tumblr I will be sharing all the tracks from that album, plus rare “b-sides”, 1st recordings, alternate versions, as well as unreleased tracks. To immediately download the album

via Courdek’s Cavern.

The word flying around twitter is today is our friend Courdek’s birthday. I haven’t stopped to verify this (which begs the question of how close a friend he could be) but true or not,* you need to take a moment to download the album he put out. Think of it as his gift to you.

I’m listening to it now, so you should too… because peer pressure works. Later we’ll all go jump off buildings.

Seriously though, go download it and give it a listen. It’s good stuff.


*Birthday has been verified.

The Steroid Effect

My doctor put me on a decongestant steroid to see if it would help my ears pressurize properly. While my first dose did help clear up my head for a time, the relief was coupled with the feeling of going nowhere at a million miles per hour.

Something like this: