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Lightning Octopus CephaloPodcast – #2 – Preston Smith – LINK

Electric CephaloPodcast – #2 – Preston Smith – Lightning Octopus – Arizona Geek Events, Geek Culture, & Phoenix’s Nerd Community | Lightning Octopus – Arizona Geek Events, Geek Culture, & Phoenix’s Nerd Community.

I’m super late with this, but here none-the-less!

Episode #2 for your listening pleasure.

A Moment of Silence for Atomic Comics

Fans around Arizona, and the nation, are coping with the loss of local comic book store, Atomic Comics.

Last night, all four stores quietly closed for the last time. No official word on the Atomic Comics site, but the closure has been confirmed by former employees and other sources.

This is a sad moment and I want to add my voice to the throngs of fans and patrons mourning the loss of this great chain of stores. Atomic is where I first picked up great titles like, The Walking Dead, and Chew… they will be missed.

Check out these other sites for more on the closure:

Lightning Octopus



Comic Book’d


-note: Thanks to Lightning Octopus for the links, I first found on their post.

PodcampAZ – November 20-21, 2010

It’s that time of year again in the PHX. Are you going?

Event Basics

1. what: Podcamp AZ 2010

2. where: University of Advancing Technology

3. when: November 20-21, 2010

4. who: New media innovators, enthusiasts, participants, and newbies who are interested the role of the internet in interactive communication.

5. why: It’s two crazy cool days of learning, sharing, and people meeting. And Phoenix metro is gorgeous in November.

6. how much: FREE

7. Click here to register.

via PodcampAZ Blog Blast Central.

Happy Birthday Courdek – Download his album!

I released an underground hip hop album in the summer of 2006 to a small but critical acclaim, and then…nothing. With this tumblr I will be sharing all the tracks from that album, plus rare “b-sides”, 1st recordings, alternate versions, as well as unreleased tracks. To immediately download the album

via Courdek’s Cavern.

The word flying around twitter is today is our friend Courdek’s birthday. I haven’t stopped to verify this (which begs the question of how close a friend he could be) but true or not,* you need to take a moment to download the album he put out. Think of it as his gift to you.

I’m listening to it now, so you should too… because peer pressure works. Later we’ll all go jump off buildings.

Seriously though, go download it and give it a listen. It’s good stuff.


*Birthday has been verified.

Gangplank’s Vision – LINK

“Building the company and having people come to the company, those days are over,” he said. “The good companies, the Googles and Facebooks of the world, go to where the good people are.”

This is the vision of Gangplank, a nonprofit group Neighbors co-founded that offers free space for technology professionals to come together, share ideas and develop products and business models. The community recently moved into a 6,600-square-foot facility at 260 S. Arizona Ave.”

“It is business with attitude, but also with an altruistic purpose: collaboration above competition.”

via Gangplank’s vision: innovation through collaboration – East Valley Tribune – Arizona Local News.

The East Valley Tribune highlights Gangplank and their move to the new location in downtown Chandler.