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Photoshop of Horrors: Wired Readers Show BP How It’s Done – LINK

We asked you last week to help us show BP that when hiring unethical photographers (or photo editors) in the future, they should look for Photoshop proficiency on their resumes.

In response, you put the company’s pathetic photo-doctoring of oil-cleanup press photos to shame. Your work was not only more skilled, it was far more imaginative. Why just remove the ground beneath a parked helicopter when you could put that chopper on the moon instead?

We’ve all heard the stories of BP hiring photo editors for their PR shots and the backlash from that.

In response, Wired sent out a call for submission from their readers to, “lend poor, embattled BP a hand and show them what people who actually know how to use Photoshop can do.”

The results have been release and are AWESOME!