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The Runoff Podcast – Episode 2

At last, the wait is over. The highly anticipated return of The Runoff Podcast is here.

Episode 2 – Coffee shop Wi-Fi. Is it important to you? Austin shares his thoughts and experience from starting/running a coffee shop, and we interview a few friends to get their perspective.

Listen! Listen now!

Show Notes:

  • We have a name.
  • What do you look for in a coffee shop?
  • Coffee shops in CA are removing Wi-Fi.
  • Austin doesn’t agree
  • Scientific Poll
  • Create the community; Wi-Fi isn’t the problem.

Thank you to our friends, Jeremy, Jim, Sunny, and Laura for taking the time to talk to us… even if you didn’t help our point at all. Not that we’re bitter.

Please let us know what you think of the show! Leave a comment here, or send an email and make sure to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes.

The story of Echo Coffee | My Side Door

At the time I was first considering a coffee shop, I was reasonably unhappy with my real estate career. If you missed it, I wrote about what was making me unhappy with real estate on the Phoenix Area Real Estate Blog last August. It was in May of 2009, however, that the notion of creating a coffee shop began to seriously take hold.

via The story of Echo Coffee | My Side Door.

Echo Coffee is a new shop in Scottsdale and, by pure coincidence,  is the setting for a future episode of the podcast. Give this a read!