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Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lightning Octopus! – LINK

Wow, six months ago today Lightning Octopus first popped into existence; something that still baffles cosmic-octopus-studying physicists.Since its inception, I’ve been able to post about something nerdy going on in Arizona every weekend for six straight months. I think that says a lot about the level of activity we have here, and the amount of people willing to have fun and make things happen

via Happy 1/2 Birthday, Lightning Octopus! [Hurray!].

Recently, I was introduced to Lightning Octopus by Will Bradley. The site is a great resource for all things geek in Arizona and yes, I am a proud member of The Order.

Congrats on a great site and here’s to a long, successful run.

The Public Isolation Project – LINK

The Public Isolation Project consists of two symbiotic and simultaneous art pieces–Joshua Jay Elliott’s An Examinable Life and Cristin Norine’s The Future of Socializing. An analog analogy of the contemporary experience of living in the Internet age, Cristin Norine will spend one month living within the confines of the bSIDE6 Gallery—in total view from the gallery’s windows. Her isolation will be alleviated solely by digital interactions with the outside world. Viewers of the piece will reflect on their own expanded accessibility that technology has brought them.

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Time-Lapse from the ISS

If you know me, you know that I love astronomy. One of my greatest wishes is to see the Earth from space. I’ve accepted that it likely isn’t going to happen for me, unless Virgin Galactic somehow starts offering trips for the same prices as a Southwest flight to Vegas from Phoenix.

Thanks to the astronauts on the ISS however, I can experience it through amazing videos like this. Enjoy!

Discovered via Wired.com. There are more videos there. Go, watch them NOW!!!!

Does the Internet Make You Smart or Dumb? – LINK

In 2008, tech scholar Nicholas Carr sparked an earnest debate when he proclaimed in The Atlantic magazine that Google is making us stupider.

Habitually link-hopping down the rabbit hole of online information, Carr argued, has degraded our collective attention span and threatens to permanently downgrade our intelligence. Rather than reading for context and nuance, the Internet encourages us to skim for fast facts that lack substance.

But Carr hasn’t spoken the last word in whether the Internet makes you smart or dumb – far from it, in fact.

Not only did his Google thesis quickly attract rebuttals extolling the potential intellectual virtues of Internet use, but the Pew Internet Project, in conjunction with Elon University, also surveyed 371 telecommunications experts to help settle the score. Responding to the question of “whether Google is making people stupid,” a majority of respondents – 81 percent – countered that the search engine and the Internet is doing just the opposite.

via Does the Internet Make You Smart or Dumb? : Discovery News.

I sense a future podcast topic! This topic is something I think about a lot, but I’ll save my thoughts for the podcast.

Don’t let that stop you though… all three of you. What do you think?

p.s. The irony here is I didn’t completely read this article before I linked to it.

*UPDATE*: Check out this related topic over at Wired.com.

Logitech Revue with Google TV – LINK

Logitech Logitech Z523 today showcased its Google TV media center, the Logitech Revue. The Revue builds on the strongest features of Google TV, complementing the platform with powerful hardware and a number of peripherals.

via Logitech Revue with Google TV Available This Month for $299.

This may be why I don’t have a Roku box, or any of the other similar products.