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Does the Internet Make You Smart or Dumb? – LINK

In 2008, tech scholar Nicholas Carr sparked an earnest debate when he proclaimed in The Atlantic magazine that Google is making us stupider.

Habitually link-hopping down the rabbit hole of online information, Carr argued, has degraded our collective attention span and threatens to permanently downgrade our intelligence. Rather than reading for context and nuance, the Internet encourages us to skim for fast facts that lack substance.

But Carr hasn’t spoken the last word in whether the Internet makes you smart or dumb – far from it, in fact.

Not only did his Google thesis quickly attract rebuttals extolling the potential intellectual virtues of Internet use, but the Pew Internet Project, in conjunction with Elon University, also surveyed 371 telecommunications experts to help settle the score. Responding to the question of “whether Google is making people stupid,” a majority of respondents – 81 percent – countered that the search engine and the Internet is doing just the opposite.

via Does the Internet Make You Smart or Dumb? : Discovery News.

I sense a future podcast topic! This topic is something I think about a lot, but I’ll save my thoughts for the podcast.

Don’t let that stop you though… all three of you. What do you think?

p.s. The irony here is I didn’t completely read this article before I linked to it.

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