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A Plea For Reason – LINK

The ability to change your mind in the face of evidence and argument is the hallmark of scientific practice. It should also be the basis for civil discourse in a free and democratic society. Now that science has become inseparable from the functions of society, the need for civil discourse with evidence and argument driving the potential for changing minds must be recognized as our only salvation. Without civil discourse and open minds we will lack the all-important capacity to move, to effect changes, in the face of the wholly singular challenges our historical moment seems heir too.

via Jon Stewart, God, Science, Mutant Fish And A Plea For Reason : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR.

If you are tired of the constant noise prevalent in today’s political chatter, read this.

It’s well written, well thought out and speaks to my soul. I’m so tired of the constant yelling while simultaneously plugging ears.